Stated Income Loans 

Funding from $200k to $15 million
We do not require pay stubs or tax statements

No balloons- 30 year amortized term with a 3 or 8 year 
fixed period

LTVs up to 75%

650 mid FICO to qualify

Investor 1-4, Multi-family, Mixed-use Office, Retail, Warehouse, Automotive Service and more

Program unavailable in AK, IL, MI, MN, NH, ND, SD, and VT.

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Let the source Fund you! 

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Asset Based Underwriting

Property / asset types: note purchases, single family home aggregation (blanket loans), hospitality, retail, office, industrial, land , mobile home parks, construction draw loans (residential and commercial)

LTV:   65% ltv and 85% hard cost
Loan Size: minimum of $200,000; maximum of $100,000,000
Term: up to three years
Type: interest only with balloon at maturity
Rate: adjustable, on semi annual basis and or fixed. Our rates are low for industry standard

Points:  3-4% 
No Pre-payment penalty or Exit Fees

Program unavailable in AK, IL, MI, MN, NH, ND, SD, and VT.

Our borrowers are professionals who understand that with these general terms our loans are significantly cheaper than raising equity or paying typical “hard money” rates. 

Investor Rehab Loans

Increase your profits with highly efficient investment capital.

Financing Up to 85% of Purchase Price and 100% of Rehab

Fast, Efficient, Reliable & Responsive

Easy Approvals, 5-14 Day Closings